Who We Are:

Golden Hawk Manufactory Limited is a Hong Kong based manufacturer and distributor of watch and timepiece products for over 20 years. All these products are sold on an ODM/OEM basis to well-known brands and international customers.

We are located in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities located in Long Gong, Shenzhen, PRC. The annual production capacity is at 4 million watches with a production work force of 300 employees.

We have owned two of its own brands, Swiss Mountaineer and REACT!

Swiss Mountaineer is a truly Swiss made watch brand which is worldwide distributed. To widen our customers choices, Swiss Mountaineer keeps developing quality Swiss watches in both automatic and quartz analogue. REACT! is a trendy fashion watch brand which is especially for the young. REACT! has been expanded to Far East market within a year. This achievement is under our reputation on the product design.

Worldwide Customer Base

Our customers are mainly located in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific regions, Japan, Russia, Dubai and others. We have over 300 customers comprising distributors, importers, retailers and wholesalers.

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